Acorn Bank Watermill Trust

Acorn Bank Flour

Bagged flour

The Wheat that we are milling at the moment at Acorn Bank is organic Mulika wheat from Lincolnshire.

We use a set of French Burr stones to grind the wheat and the flour that we produce from these is wholegrain, nothing is added or taken away. This gives it a distinctive rich and nutty flavour.

The fine-ness of the flour is controlled by the miller and we aim to produce a fairly fine flour but with visible flecks of bran within it. The miller creates this by adjusting how close together the pair of stones are. A very small adjustment can make quite a difference to the consistency of the flour and so it is the miller's experience and skill at controlling this adjustment that is crucial.

With a number of different volunteer millers there may be variations between each batch of flour!