Acorn Bank Watermill Trust

Volunteering for the Acorn Bank Watermill Trust

What is a Mill Volunteer?

Mill volunteers may carry out several different functions:

• Mill Steward
• Processing previously milled flour, especially bagging
• Flour milling
• Mill machinery maintenance
• General cleaning and maintenance

Some individuals carry out two or more, or even all, of these functions. An interest in industrial history is desirable for all roles, but little mechanical knowledge is required for roles 1, 2 and 5.

Mill Stewards provide a warm and cheerful welcome to all visitors to the Mill. You will answer any immediate questions, provide information for visitors on the history of the mill and any other general information to ensure they have a comfortable, enjoyable and memorable visit. Mill Stewards also assist in the operation of the waterwheel and associated machinery when possible.

Flour processors pack the wholemeal flour produced in the mill into saleable bags. A certificate in Food Hygiene is necessary (training will be made available), and other volunteers will show you how to carry out the process in accordance with Trading Standards requirements.

Millers are experienced in the operation of the mill machinery and are trained, by experienced millers from within the volunteer team or elsewhere, to grind wheat into wholemeal flour. They explain the process to visitors, while ensuring that the flour is of saleable quality. The purpose of milling is to bring the mill building to life, enhancing the visitor experience.

Mill maintenance volunteers carry out all kinds of engineering, joinery and building work to ensure the mill and its buildings function safely and efficiently. Previous experience in one of these areas, not necessarily in a mill environment, is essential. Mills can be dangerous places, so Health and Safety is of paramount importance. All work is carried out appropriately to the mill's Grade 2* Listed Building status.

General cleaning and maintenance volunteers help to ensure the mill environment is clean and tidy. This may involve indoor cleaning, limewashing or painting and outside grounds maintenance. Again, Health and Safety is of paramount importance and all work is carried out appropriately to the mill's Listed Building status.