Acorn Bank Watermill Trust

Mill Race and Launder

the weir and sluice

The headrace (or leat) is the channel bringing water from the Crowdundle Beck to the mill. It starts its journey at the weir and control sluice which can be seen about a quarter of a mile upstream from the mill. The headrace continues almost level while the river falls down a series of small rapids, so there is a difference of about 4m (13 feet) of water to drive the waterwheels. Down-stream of the small footbridge the water can be directed along the wooden channel, the launder, to the waterwheels or down the bypass spillway back into the river when the mill is not in use.

The mill showing the launder

Gate valve on launder

The Gate valve at the start of the launder controls
the amount of water going to the waterwheel

Dump valve on launder

The Dump valve at the end of the launder is used
to direct the water onto the wheel or down the spillway