Acorn Bank Watermill Trust

Rebuilding the Viewing Platform

The old viewing platform for the mill reached the end of its life a few years ago and has been roped off for some time as it was unsafe. In the winter of 2022-2023 the mill maintenance volunteers in partnership with the National Trust demolished the old platform and rebuilt it.

The first stage was to dig out the foundations and pour a concrete base. As the site is on a slope three levels of concrete foundation were needed.

Digging foundations

Digging out the first level of foudation.

Pouring concrete

Pouring concrete into the first level of foundation

Concrete foundation

First level foundation

The main retaining wall of the viewing platform is made of hollow concrete blocks with reinforcing bar set vertically through the blocks. There are also horizantal bars inserted at intervals.


Foundations with rebar inserted before blocking begins.


Starting to lay the blocks.


Laying blocks


Blocks laid up to the full height.

The top is finished off with a cast ring beam to which the handrail can be attached.


Preparing for the casting of the ring beam.

Ring beam cast

Casting the ring beam on the top of the blockwork.

Fitting railings

The handrail is installed.

Finished Viewing Platform

The viewing platform is complete.