Acorn Bank Watermill Trust

Rebuilding the Waterwheel

One of the first jobs in 2007 was to replace the main shaft for the wheel as it had rotted and broken so that the wheel would not turn. Twelve new wooden spokes were then fitted onto the waterwheel.

Spokes in

Inserting the new spokes into the wheel

In 2013 it was decided to replace all the bucket boards on the waterwheel as the existing ones were becoming rotten and leaking water so reducing the power of the wheel. This took some months to complete as there are 30 buckets and they need to be installed a few at a time on each side of the wheel to keep it balanced. You can see the progress in the photos below. The wheel was completed by the end of March 2014.

waterwheel rebuild1

Starting to install the new bucket boards

waterwheel rebuild2

Making good progress

waterwheel rebuild3

Almost complete