Acorn Bank Watermill Trust

Restoration of the Waterwheels and Wheelhouse

Two of the three waterwheels were in place in 1981, but as can be seen in the pictures below they were not in a very good state.

Wheels 1981

The waterwheels in 1981

Wheels 1987

The waterwheels in 1987


The shrouds for both wheels

The shrouds (metal rims) of the wheels were removed and stored and the wheel pit was dug out and relined in late 1989.

Wheelpit Aug1989

Digging out the wheel pit in August 1989

Wheels 1987

The wheel pit in September 1989

The masonry of the North (river side) wall was unstable and so this was dismantled carefully so that it could be rebuilt with the dressed stones in their original positions. This allows us to see the original curved scratch marks made by a wheel running out of true where the second wheel would have been.

Wheel shafts in Jan 1990

January 1990

Wheel shafts Feb1990

February 1990

wheel 1992

The restored wheel in 1992

The wheel house is a lean-to structure on the North side of the mill covering the wheels and wheel pit. it was mostly missing at the start of the restoration with just the base of the wall present.


The wheelhouse in May 1989


The wheelhouse in April 1992


The wheelhouse in June 1992